Thursday, July 17, 2014

1991 Topps Stadium Club Football

When Topps released their Stadium Club sets back in 1991 I was smitten by just how fantastic the cards looked. Full bleed photography, high gloss, amazing photography and little pictures of the players rookie cards on the back...pure genius! I knew that I wanted to collect not only the baseball set, but also the football and hockey sets (although I didn't follow football or hockey at the time). For Christmas in 1991 my parents bought my brother and I boxes of 1991 Stadium Club football. I still remember in detail sitting by the Christmas tree opening my box and thinking to myself "I bet this guy has trouble with people making fun of his last name. Brett Favre (favor), that's funny!" Of course I had no room to talk since my last name is Luck...and no I'm not related to Andrew Luck. Anyway, when I got out of the hobby back in the mid 90s I got rid of this set along with my other sets at that time. Within the past year though I was able to pickup a complete set off ebay for a steal. Again, I'm not really into following football but there are so many memories associated with this set that I had to include once more in my card collection.

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  1. 1991 Stadium Club rules. I just wrote about the Frank Thomas (1991 SC) card yesterday.