Friday, April 17, 2015

All Set!

Have you ever told yourself that you're going to stick to a certain set of rules regarding your collection, only to break those rules later on. I've done just that with my recent pickup. I promised myself back in 2002 when I started collecting again that I would only have one set from a given year. Well, I just broke that rule. During the early 1990s I had always wanted some of the premium sets that were released at that time: Upper Deck's original 1989 release, 1990 Leaf, 1991 Stadium Club, 1992 Bowman, and 1993 Flair. I've been able to complete those sets the past few years but recently I decided to complete one Topps base set from each decade from 1951 through the present. Out of those decades I chose 1956, 1965, 1971, 1986, 1990, 2002, and 2011. The 2013 set is an exception because it's a mini set and is exempt from the standard base set. 1990 was the peak of my collecting days. It was also the last time Cincinnati won the World Series. I don't remember how many packs of 1990 Topps I busted back in those days, but I know it was a lot and I was able to hand collate a set without having to make any trades. Many collectors I know don't care much for the design, but I do. I love the various border colors as well as many of the photos used. There are a lot of things Topps included in this set that you don't see anymore: the record breakers, turn back the clock, and checklists to name a few. I also appreciate the subset Topps included for Nolan Ryan. Granted, the 1990 set is not on par with the 1991 set, but that's ok. This set is sentimental to me and that's why I chose to include it in my collection. 


  1. It's sometimes depressing how many times I've broken my own hobby rules. Love the idea of building one Topps set from each decade. Unfortunately I'd never be able to afford putting together the 1956 or 1965 set.

    1. I don't have a lot of money to throw at the 56 and 65 sets right now, but hopefully in the next few years I can devote most of my card budget to those. Of course it will probably take about 10 years to finish those sets, but I'm in no rush :)