Friday, November 20, 2015

1986 Texas Gold Reds Set

27 cards total: Pete Rose, Pete Rose, Pete Rose, Reds Coaches (Scherger, Kimm, DeMars, Helms, Breeden, Lett), Eddie Milner, Tom Browning, Tony Perez, Bill Gullickson, Ron Robinson, John Franco, Eric Davis, Kal Daniels, Tracy Jones, Joe Price, Mario Soto, Dave Parker, John Denny, Ted Power, Chris Welsh, Kurt Stillwell, Bo Diaz, Ron Oester, Buddy Bell, Max Venable, Sal Butera, Dave Concepcion, Nick Esasky

Before Kahn's started sponsoring the Reds baseball card sets, Texas Gold made its first and only entry by sponsoring the 1986 Reds set. Kahn's would go on to sponsor the Reds baseball card sets from 1987-2010 with a brief interruption in 2011 when Thompson Plumbing would sponsor the set that year. Kahn's would again sponsor the Reds baseball card sets from 2012 to present.

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