Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Halfway There!

In case you haven't noticed, comc.com sellers have started dropping prices on there cards as Black Friday approaches. There were a few cards that I was on the fence about purchasing but once they dropped to a reasonable rate I quickly grabbed them. I was able to add 2 new Pete Rose cards to my Rose PC (a 2016 Panini Immaculate Collection numbered 76/99 and a 2016 Panini National Convention VIP card) as well as a nice 2005 eTopps Ichiro. To round my purchase I snagged 3 new cards for my Rookie Book project. Behold, the three latest entries into the book.

With the Mattingly, Canseco and Smoltz rookies I now have 20 of the 40 rookies I want for this book. I don't think I did too bad purchasing those six cards for less than $25.


  1. Anytime I see the 86D Canseco... I can't help but remember the days of people spending $50+ for that card. That's the beauty of collecting right now. We're able to secure a lot of those 80's dream cards at a fraction of the price. Congratulations on the great pickups!