Wednesday, December 21, 2016

That's odd!

I snagged these four cards on eBay this past week to add to my growing collection of Pete Rose cards. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to turn up any information on the web about where they come from or what year they were produced. The only clue I have is that on the back of each card stamped on the bottom it states "Charlie Hustle Issue #1 of 4". Of course each color is a different number so I have all four cards that make up the set. I didn't spend a lot on these and since I've always been a fan of the 1965 Topps set I couldn't pass up the opportunity to add these to the Rose PC. With these four cards I'm now up to 563 unique Pete Rose cards. Not too shabby.


  1. Awesome Rose rainbow! I've always been a fan of the 1965 Topps design... and the Rose in that set is top tier.

    1. Thanks Fuji! The 65 Topps is probably my most favorite Rose card ever produced. Simple. Clean. Elegant. :)