Friday, October 19, 2018

A lot o Vottos!

I've been kicking around this idea since the beginning of January this year and last week I decided to start pursuing this project. While there are many Reds fans out there that have a love/hate relationship with Joey Votto, I have nothing but respect for the Reds first baseman. His primary goal for each at bat is to ensure that he gets on base. Whether that's through getting a hit or by being walked by an opposing team's pitcher, Votto's discipline at the plate is amazing. For the past 3 years he's led the league in on-base percentage and he's led the league 7 out of 12 years during his career. He currently ranks 11th all time for on-base percentage (.427) behind Williams, Ruth, McGraw, Hamilton, Gehrig, Bonds, Hornsby, Cobb, Foxx, and Speaker. Anyway, back to my project. I've decided to track down 90 different 2008 Votto rookies to add to my collection. I'll be adding the cards to a 9 pocket, 10 page Ultra Pro Collector's binder that I think will look nice filled up with nothing but Votto rookies. I've created a page on the blog (Votto Rookie Roundup) to keep track of my progress and hopefully I'll have this project wrapped up within a year or two.


  1. Wow. There are 90 different 2008 Votto rookie cards? That's insane. Best of luck with this project. I've got nothing but respect for the guy as a hitter.

    1. Thanks Fuji. There are a lot of parallels but nothing as insane as the early 2010s when there were 30 parallels of one Topps card. Should be a fun project to tackle.

  2. Good luck with the project. That's a really cool idea.