Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Closer to Completion

The 2011 Gypsy Queen set is one of my favorite sets Topps has ever produced. I put together the base set and many of the insert sets years ago. The sticky fingers, wall climbers, home run heroes, future stars, and great ones are amazing. I decided to track down two other insert sets and I'm on the fence about one other set. I decided to chase the autograph and relic inserts since that seemed achievable. I'm still deciding on whether to chase the autographed relic set since those are numbered out of 25 and over half of the autographs are already in the standard autograph set. Anyway, I was able to land one more autograph I needed from this set. The above pictured Halladay puts me at just needing 3 more to wrap up that subset (Hank Aaron, Ryan Howard and Sandy Koufax). I'm still regretting that I sold this subset last year since I had the Koufax at that time. I like how all of the cards, with the exception of Ryan Howard, all all on card and they all use blue ink. Hopefully within a year I'll have this knocked out. I still need two relic cards but those won't be difficult to get. Now I just need to concentrate on finishing up some of my vintage Reds sets that I've neglected since the pandemic started.