Bowman Billy Binder

This latest project was inspired by Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown. While Gavin has been busy collecting 1990 Upper Deck Marquis Grissom rookie cards, I'm on the hunt for Billy Hamilton. I've decided to chase down 700 2014 Billy Hamilton Bowman #132. So why did I choose Billy, you may be asking. I admire Billy's speed and his ability to swipe bases. With 56 stolen bases in his rookie season with the Reds, he trailed only Dee Gordon who had 64. In addition to admiring Billy, I love the design of the 2014 Bowman cards. While not typically a Bowman fan, I love the design of this card and, in my opinion, it's by far Hamilton's best rookie card. I'll be posting periodic updates in my quest to acquire 700 2014 Bowman Billy Hamilton rookies.

June 19, 2015 (sportlots) 20 cards
July 31, 2015 (sportlots) 60 cards
August 20, 2015 (sportlots) 30 cards
August 27, 2015 (eBay) 54 cards
September 18, 2015 (sportlots) 11 cards
May 1, 2016 (eBay) 66 cards


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