Friday, October 31, 2014

2010 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Set

34 cards total in the base set and update

16 Johnny Cueto
32 Cincinnati Reds Team Card
48 Joey Votto
64 Drew Stubbs
79 Francisco Cordero
113 Willy Taveras
165 Brandon Phillips
165 SP Joe Morgan
262 Homer Bailey
305 Juan Francisco
347 Aaron Harang
365 Logan Ondrusek
375 Mike Leake
415 Cincinnati Reds Team History
481 Scott Rolen
554 Ramon Hernandez
563 Bronson Arroyo
581 Chris Dickerson
589 Edinson Volquez
599 Jay Bruce
US7 Sam LeCure
US44 Scott Rolen
US53 Jordan Smith
US79 Jonny Gomes
US106 Orlando Cabrera
US177 Chris Heisey
US178 Jim Edmonds
US241 Joey Votto
US271 Travis Wood
US277 Micah Owings
US286 Arthur Rhodes
US303 Brandon Phillips
US317 Mike Leake
US330 SP Johnny Bench

Thursday, October 30, 2014

2011 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Set

41 cards total in the base set and update

5 Joey Votto
63 Edinson Volquez
98 Bronson Arroyo
110 Aroldis Chapman
113 Arthus Rhodes
134 Joey Votto NL Batting Leader
138 Joey Votto NL RBI Leader
142 Johnny Cueto
191 Jay Bruce
192 Cincinnati Reds Team Card
198SP Johnny Bench
211 Joey Votto
228 Scott Rolen
233 Ramon Hernandez
249 Aaron Harang
317 Yonder Alonso
318 Joey Votto NL Home Run Leader
336 Chris Heisey
349 Drew Stubbs
358 Paul Janish
417 Miguel Cairo
508 Homer Bailey
516 Mike Leake
516SP Tom Seaver
517 Fred Lewis
593 Francisco Cordero
598 Jonny Gomes
609 Juan Francisco
630 Brandon Phillips
630SP Joe Morgan
641 Travis Wood
US61 Nick Masset
US96 Ryan Hanigan
US110 Edgar Renteria
US195 Joey Votto
US207 Jay Bruce
US207 SP Frank Robinson
US247 Zack Cozart
US270 Todd Frazier
US277 Sam LeCure
US306 Brandon Phillips
US310 Scott Rolen

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2012 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Set

33 cards total in the base set and update

19 Yonder Alonso
41 Devin Mesoraco
89 Dontrelle Willis
135 Johnny Cueto
142 Travis Wood
220 Jay Bruce
226 Ryan Hanigan
255 Scott Rolen
265 Aroldis Chapman
268 Miguel Cairo
308 Mike Leake
308SP Mike Leake
375 Drew Stubbs
384 Sean Marshall
403 Bronson Arroyo
467 Juan Francisco
493 Ryan Madson
498 Joey Votto
508 Brandon Phillips
557 Zack Cozart
636 Chris Heisey
659 Homer Bailey
US61 Alfredo Simon
US105 Mat Latos
US122 Logan Ondrusek
US172 Wilson Valdez
US233 Jose Arredondo
US247 Ryan Ludwick
US255 Joey Votto
US255 SP Joey Votto
US275 Todd Frasier
US308 Jay Bruce
US309 Chris Heisey

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

2013 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Set

35 cards total in the base set and update

19 Joey Votto
51 Jonathan Broxton
70 Todd Frazier
70SP Todd Frazier
81 Johnny Cueto NL ERA Leaders
86 Henry Rodriguez
106 Drew Stubbs
142 Tony Cingrani
155 Mat Latos
161 Bronson Arroyo
166 Logan Ondrusek
195 Chris Heisey
202 Zack Cozart
246 Jay Bruce NL Home Run Leaders
251 Sean Marshall
275 Johnny Cueto
287 Johnny Cueto NL Wins Leaders
296 Didi Gregorious
386 Brandon Phillips
396 Aroldis Chapman
442 Mike Leake
450 Jay Bruce
450SP Jay Bruce
569 Ryan Ludwick
570 Devin Mesoraco
585 Homer Bailey
649 Ryan Hanigan
US12 Brandon Phillips
US39 Shin Soo Choo
US99 Derrick Robinson
US159 Donald Lutz
US194 Xavier Paul
US268 Joey Votto
US268SP Joey Votto
US286 Aroldis Chapman

Monday, October 27, 2014

2014 Topps Cincinnati Reds Team Set

37 cards total in the base set and update

16 Johnny Cueto
19 Joey Votto
21 Alfredo Simon
23 Chris Heisey
36 Billy Hamilton
36SP Billy Hamilton
36SP Billy Hamilton
38 Jay Bruce League Leader
77 Aroldis Chapman
78 Bronson Arroyo
80 Jack Hannahan
106 Shin Soo Choo
124 Jay Bruce
140 Jonathan Broxton
143 Jay Bruce League Leader
277 Mike Leake
366 Zack Cozart
393 Devin Mesoraco
406 Ramon Santiago
428 Skip Schumaker
445 Sean Marshall
478 Billy Hamilton
505 Homer Bailey
509 Brandon Phillips
580 Todd Frazier
581 Tony Cingrani
583 Ryan Ludwick
597 Mat Latos
US112 Alfredo Simon
US146 Neftali Soto
US155 Devin Mesoraco
US163 Ramon Santiago
US172 Tucker Barnhart
US209 Roger Bernadina
US248 Brayan Pena
US288 Aroldis Chapman
US329 Todd Frazier

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tomorrow Begins the Countdown

With the recent purchase on my 2014 Topps Update Reds cards I'm just 3 cards away (1952 Topps High Numbers excluded) of having the complete Topps run of Reds cards from 1952 to 2014. In the next few weeks I'll be picking up the last three high numbers I need from the 1953 set. As a result of this accomplishment that's taken me more than 10 years to complete I've decided to do a countdown showcasing each year of the Topps base Reds cards starting with 2014 and finishing with 1952. That's a total of 63 team sets that I will be showcasing in the next 63 days.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

TTM: Jeff Montgomery

Did you know that on April 29, 1990 Jeff Montgomery struck out 3 Texas Rangers batters on 9 pitches in the 8th inning? He was a 3 time All Star and the American League Rolaids Relief Man of the Year in 1993.