Monday, May 23, 2016

So Close, Yet So Far Away

I pulled the trigger on one of the last few remaining 1986-87 Fleer basketball cards I needed. With Olajuwon's rookie card I'm down to only 1 card and 1 sticker I need for the set. Unfortunately they're both Michael Jordan. I could take some time and save up to try and get the sticker sometime this year, but I'm not sure I want to do that. I would like to try and complete at least my 1950 and 1951 Bowman Reds team sets and if I chase after the Jordan sticker I can forget about completing those two team sets. Anyway, I'm glad this card is now part of my collection.

Monday, May 9, 2016

And the Winner Is....

Congratulations to JediJeff for being selected and thank you all who entered. JediJeff shoot me an email at lucksc0620 at with your address and I'll get your cards out to you.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Contest Reminder

Just a reminder that my May 4th Star Wars card giveaway ends today at midnight. Leave a comment on the contest post and I'll be sure to enter you in the randomizer. The drawing will held Monday. Thanks again!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

A May the 4th Giveaway!

I realize I'm a day late getting this out, but better late then never. I'm in the process of completing my 2015 Topps Chrome Star Wars Perspectives set and I have a duplicate subset to give out to one lucky reader. There are 10 cards total in this set (as you can see in the picture on the left). This set was actually sent to me by mistake from an eBay seller when I purchased another insert set. The seller was gracious enough to let me keep the cards so I've decided to pass these on to someone who'll appreciate them. Just comment below and on Monday May 9th I'll randomize the entries. Feel free to share the contest on your blog for an additional chance to win. Thanks and good luck!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Adding to the Hoard!

This past weekend I was able to add more than 50 2014 Bowman Billy Hamilton rookie cards to my collection (66 to be exact). I had been watching the listing on eBay for a couple of months but the $30 price tag was a bit too much to for me to pull the trigger. Last monday I noticed that the listing had ended and I immediately jumped to the conclusion that another Billy collector had purchased the lot, but that wasn't the case. Instead, the seller had decided to list the item as an auction, probably because he needed to move the cards instead of having them take up space. With a $4.99 starting bid I decided I wouldn't go above $15.00 for the lot. I'm glad to say that for $11.05 I was able to purchase the 68 count lot. That comes out to just over $.16 a card. I guess patience does pay off. I'm now at 30% complete with this goal. With Dee Gordon out for 80 games this year, I'm hoping that Billy can finally finish the season as the NL Stolen Base leader for 2016. While his bat is sorely lacking, his defense in center field this year has been phenomenal!.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Black is a Color of the Rainbow!

It's been a loooooooooong time since I've been able to add a card to my Joey Votto rainbow project. I had seen a 2013 Topps Chrome pink refractor a few months back that I had thought about purchasing but by the time I decided to pull the trigger the card had sold. I guess that's what happens when you procrastinate. Last week, a listing popped up on eBay for a 2013 Topps Mini black border parallel Votto numbered 1/5. It wasn't listed as a "Buy It Now" but as a standard auction. I didn't know how high this card would sell and it was the first I've ever seen this card show up anywhere. The opening bid was $9.99 and there was already a bid placed on the card when I found it with 6 days remaining. Now I normally don't condone sniping but since the listing ended just after 11pm and I'm in bed by 10, I didn't want to post a bid with an opportunity for the original bidder to respond with me fast asleep. So I placed my bid on Gixen a few days before the end of the auction and waited patiently. Imagine me surprise when I woke up the day after the auction closed and found out that I had won the card for $10.50. I was willing to spend a lot more than that, but I can't complain that I feel like I got this card for a steal. With this purchase I only need 5 more cards to complete my rainbow project: a 2013 Topps Factory Set Orange parallel, a 2013 Topps Opening Day Toys r Us Purple parallel, a 2013 Topps Chrome Camo refractor, a 2013 Topps Chrome Pink refractor, and a 2013 Topps Silver Slate Platinum parallel.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Stick a Fork In It!

This project is done! This past week I was able to purchase the last two 1991 Topps Desert Shield cards I needed for my Reds team set: Paul O'Neill and Eric Davis. I was a bit surprised how much Eric the Red set me back because he was just as much as the Barry Larkin cards I had purchased earlier. Not only that but I had only found a total of 3 Davis cards online. Talk about slim pickings. I'm glad I finally put this project to bed. Without further ado, here are the last two cards. If you're interested you can view the complete 1991 Topps Desert Shield Reds team set here.