Thursday, August 11, 2011

1995 Topps

Not much to say about this set, except that it's another boring Topps set from the 1990s. Since there was so much product out there during this time period I guess I'm not surprised that the name of the game was quantity and not quality. What I do find fascinating about this set is that it appears that the card design resembles a fuzzy dream in that there's no real border on the card, at least from my perspective. It just kind of fades into the picture. The one bright spot is that I love the photo Topps used for Barry Larkin in this set. Barry's one of my all time favorite Reds players and the way he's squared up to bunt, but decides not to in this pic is very sweet. Not only that, but 1995 was his MVP year. Here's hoping that he'll get the call from Cooperstown after the next vote!

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