Thursday, October 20, 2011

1998 Topps

Out of all the sets Topps produced in the 1990s, this would have to be my favorite. So many reasons for that include the gold border on the card, which Topps seems to be resurrecting again next year, excellent photography, and the use of the team's logo on the front and back as backgrounds for the player name and stats. My only gripe I have for this set is the small size. Sure, baseball was still hurting from the strike of 1994, but to have a set with so few players was like taking something away from the fans that were still loyal to the sport and not necessarily to the players themselves. My favorite card in the set would have to be the Pete Rose Jr. card. Even though he didn't have the career his father had, it's still cool to have a Rose card in the collection even if it is his son's. I'm hoping to add his autograph to my collection one day as well!

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