Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1966 Topps

This is probably one of my least favorite sets Topps released in the 60s. I'm not saying I hate the set. In fact, I like the clean design and nice photography...especially the photos of the old ballparks that have long been torn down. I guess, compared to the 1965 Topps set, or even the 1968 Topps set, this one is just uninspiring. I never expect perfection from Topps and I know that there will be hit and miss years for them. I guess 1966 was just one of those miss years. My favorite card from the 1966 Topps set would have to be the Rose. Sure, it's a classic batting stance photo that's all too commonplace even for today. But to me the real beauty of the card is the background. Seeing Crosley field as the backdrop is just amazing. I know the stadiums of today try to replicate the look and field of the ballparks of ages past, but they just fall a bit short. Granted I wouldn't trade Riverfront Stadium for Great American Ballpark, but I might trade Great American for Crosley Field if only for a moment.


  1. Agreed on '66 Topps. It's so plain to me.

    I like this Pete Rose card though. I call this the bug card because it looks like he's got a pair of antenna's sticking out of the top of his head.

  2. I don't think that's at Crosley field. There was a high black wall at Crosley and the light towers were not that high. I think the photo is most likely at spring training.
    I enjoy the site. Like you I am a huge reds fan and collected cards from 70's on, nothing was better than pulling out a bench or rose out of a pack as a kid.

  3. Check out www.crosley-field.com for some good info about the past home of the reds.