Wednesday, May 23, 2012

First Ballgame of the 2012 Season

I went to my first ballgame of the 2012 season last night. Last week I won a pair of vouchers to be used by May 31st for a game at Progressive field. I was limited in my selection to either Mezzanine or Lower Reserved. So I asked my buddy (who's a Detroit fan) if he would be interested in going to Tuesday night's game. I was able to score a pair of Row A Mezzanine tickets and watch a great game...that is if you're a Tribe fan. The seats were actually pretty descent and in my opinion there's really not a bad seat at Progressive Field.
We were actually right above the visiting team bullpen, which I thought was cool since we could watch pitchers warm up and then jog out onto the field when they received the call. Very sweet!
I was a little worried yesterday since it was overcast all day in Cleveland and wasn't sure if it was going to rain on the game. However, by the time we showed up at the ballpark around 6:30 last night, the sky had cleared out and it was a nice cool evening to catch a ballgame. On top of that I was able to watch a Tribe victory over the Tigers. Sure it wasn't a Red's game, but I do have plans later this year to head down and watch my team as well as take a road trip one Sunday and catch a Tiger's game in Detroit. Here's hoping those games are just as nice as what I witnessed last night.

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