Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pete Rose Autographed Bat

I'm a huge Pete fan. In fact, he's my favorite Reds player of all time! Although he made some bad decisions, I can't overlook the fact that what he accomplished on the field should not overshadow what he did off the field. In addition to having all the Topps issued Reds Pete Rose cards (1963-1979, 1985-1989), I've collected some items signed by the "Hit King" himself. I've already shown an official National League baseball I have autographed by him, so today I'm showing off a Rawlings Big Stick bat he's signed. I've had this bat for more than five years now and it's one of the nicest autographed items I have in my collection. While I normally prefer Louisville Slugger bats, the black Rawlings bat with a silver signature makes for a nice piece.

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  1. As a fellow Cincinnati Reds blogger/ Reds fanatic/ and anything Pete Rose, I envy you and that bat. Very very awesome