Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another one bites the dust!

Yesterday I received a package in the mail from a recent ebay purchase. Curious as to what was inside? Well, for the price of two blaster boxes I was able to land the last three 1962 cards I needed for my Reds team set. There were a total of 32 cards in the lot with all of them in vg-ex condition. When I first saw the listing I had to do a double take. Although I had most of the high number cards there was one that I was sure would take me FOREVER to acquire...594 Don Pavletich. It's not that Don was a superstar or anything, but he was fortunate to share the card with BOB UECKER!!! I haven't been able to find this card alone for less than $55 and, like I said, I had to do a double take when I saw this card included in the lot. The price I paid for all 32 cards was like getting a steal on the Uecker Rookie and having the other 31 thrown in for free. Other highlights I received was a Frank Robinson card and a Don Zimmer card. I'm very happy to cross this off my list card collecting goal.By the way, if anyone is interested in some 1962 Topps Reds cards, I have 29 cards I would be willing to trade on my wantlist. Here's what I have available (2, 16, 41, 80, 103, 120, 148, 151, 171, 172, 193, 205, 258, 263, 267, 282, 302, 331, 364, 381, 393, 414, 440, 450, 465, 487, 508, 524, 552)

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