Thursday, December 6, 2012

When is enough, enough?

For the past month I've been mulling around this question and I've come to the following conclusion. I'm not going to possess every single Reds card that was ever made. Nor am I ever going to have in my possession one set from every manufacturer that has been or will be produced. It's just not possible and as far as I'm concerned that's great. I would never want to undertake such a task that transforms this hobby that I've loved for almost thirty years to a chore. It's just not worth it. Sure, I'll continue to collect baseball cards as long as Topps releases their flagship product so that I can add a Reds team set each year to my binders, but when it comes to adding new sets to my collection I'm finished. What's currently on my want list will be it for me. That will be my enough. As I get older I realize that the hobby for me is the nostalgia, not the latest and greatest product to hit the market. Flipping through a binder of 1991 Stadium Club baseball instantly transports me back to the small card shop I frequented in Cincinnati while my mom was grocery shopping next door. Glancing at a 1989 Score football rookie of Thurman Thomas takes me back to my childhood bedroom I shared with my brother who proudly displayed that card on the entertainment center. I love those memories and I miss those moments. It's amazing to me that these little pieces of cardboard can invoke so much for so many people.

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