Friday, June 7, 2013

Batter Up!

Very excited that I picked up this item. I've always wanted a piece of baseball memorabilia that was game used (although not in the sense of being out on the field - but the dugout is the next best thing). I did some research on this card before pulling the trigger and found out that during the game Votto hit a 2 run homer and Chapman struck out two batters in his brief appearance on the mound. This would have been even sweeter had the Reds chalked up a "W" but I guess that's asking too much. Another score for my Reds collection and a nice addition to my man cave. Speaking of which, I found a nice video of a Detroit man cave that's nicely done. I hope I can have mine finished someday soon.


  1. Pretty cool item. Do you know the meaning of the notation in the upper right hand corner?