Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My First eTopps Card

A few weeks ago I decided to start searching for an Aroldis Chapman rookie for my trifecta that I'm currently in the process of completing. I took a look at all that Topps had to offer with their Bowman sets as well as their high end products and then I stumbled upon this. I had never purchased an eTopps card before and I knew that Topps had shuttered the program last year. I knew that if I took the plunge on this card that I would purchase it from someone who already had it in hand as compared to buying it from someone's portfolio since the shipping rates are astronomical. Numbers to 999, I decided to bite and I'm glad I did. This is truly an amazing card. I don't think I'll free him from his plastic prison, although I have been tempted. While I probably won't chase all the Reds eTopps cards, there are a few that I'm most certainly pick up sometime soon. Now that I have a printing plate and a rookie card, I just need an  autograph to complete my Chapman Trifecta.


  1. I love his 2011 Topps issue. The black border version is really nice too. And the 2013 Archives (82 style). He gets good cards. His 2013 Topps base is a repeat of 2011 though.

    1. I really like his cards and have thought about starting a player collection of Chapman, but I have the feeling that when he's up for free agency the Reds won't be able to afford him and the thought of getting his cardboard when he's wearing another team uniform is a thought I just can't fathom.