Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's On the Way!

I recently won a certified Joey Votto autograph card on eBay, and it's a beauty. Numbered 63/75 this is a 2008 Upper Deck Premier Rookies Signature parallel . I was surprised that I landed this card for $36 shipped considering that the non-parallel version of this card, with a print run of 299 cards is selling for between $60 and $135. This card, when in hand, will complete my fifth (and final) trifecta. Once I get the cards placed in an ultra pro 3 card screw down I'll snap a picture and write up a post. On a side note, I missed the Reds/Pirates game last night but heard that Votto was ejected. My guess is he'll probably be suspended a game or two for bumping the ump.


  1. It was really weird. Try and watch the video of it on He and Gerrit Cole were having words after he struck out, but the umpire must have thought he was saying something at him and tossed him. He kind of went crazy after that. The strike zone was pretty crappy the last couple of days so that probably helped bring things to ahead.

    Nice auto! He is a tough signature to get.

    1. Thanks Matt. After looking at the video it looks like the ump just wasn't paying attention. Seems like a recurring theme this year.