Thursday, December 17, 2015

Another MVP Jersy for the Man Cave!

With Christmas quickly approaching I decided to treat myself to an early Christmas gift, an autographed Joey Votto jersey! This stitched and signed jersey is the second Reds MVP jersey to grace my collection. I've spent the past year trying to balance my baseball card purchases with buying frames for pictures so that I can wrap up my Cincinnati Reds Man/Fan Cave. Unfortunately, I won't have the room completed by the end of the year but with the progress I've made I should have it wrapped up sometime next year. Stay tuned for pictures! Also, I've been mulling around the idea for awhile and I've decided that 2016 will be the final year of the blog. I started blogging in June of 2011 and I've just about covered everything regarding my collection. Hopefully I can wrap up my 1948-51 Bowman sets so that I can showcase those before the curtain closes. So, officially, 2016 will be the farewell tour of Reds Card Collector. I hope everyone sticks around while I wrap things up here and share the final pieces of my collection with you!


  1. Votto is a pure player - super nice addition to your collection. BTW - I have a 1970 signed Leroy Neiman of Bench for sale very reasonable. I remain a Rose faithful with many many very cool pieces. Nice site - I have really enjoyed it.