Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I normally don't go for manufactured "relics", but I had to make an exception in this case. When I saw these 2017 Topps Independence Day Commemorative MLB Logo patch cards I had to purchase one....if a Reds player was in the checklist. Luckily there was one and I added this Joey to my collection. For anyone interested, there are 50 cards total in this set. When Topps released their 2015 MLB Logo pin cards I had hoped that a Reds player would be included within that set but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Regardless, I'm happy for this latest addition to my collection.


  1. Great looking card. I've always had a soft spot for manufactured relics... especially the pins. There's something about the card's heftiness. It's like even if they one day are worthless... we can still use them as paperweights.

    1. Great point Fuji. I hadn't thought of the cards that way :)