Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reversing Course

I've had a complete set of 1989 Upper Deck in my possession for longer than I can remember, but it's always seemed incomplete. The reason...I've always wanted the reverse negative Dale Murphy card that was immensely popular when the cards first hit the streets in 1989. I'm not a Dale Murphy collector, nor am I a Braves collector, but I always thought that the reverse negative of card number 357 was cool. Not bad ass cool as the 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken (which I also hope to add to my collection someday), but cool as in Superman-Bizarro cool. This past week I finally pulled the trigger for this card and I was happy I could grab it for the price of a blaster on eBay since people were asking $40 on comc and it was nowhere to be found on sportlots. $40 is waaaaaaay too rich for my blood, but to grab it for half of that is a bargain to me. So now, I no longer have the feeling that my 1989 Upper Deck set is incomplete and I can sleep much better at night.

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  1. One of my goals is to one day build this set and display it in a binder... and of course include this card. Congratulations on your find. BTW... I'm giving the Ripken error card away in my April contest.