Thursday, September 11, 2014

1949 Bowman

Over the past few weeks I've picked up a half dozen 1949 Bowman Reds cards. Even though this set wasn't on my list of collecting goals for this year, the price was too good to pass up on these. Not only that, but I now have some 1940s cards in my collection. The pictures on the cards are a little bland, and these cards are tiny (same size as the 1950 Bowmans) but I do like the player write-ups on the back of the cards. These cards look like they belong in the 40s and that's ok because that's exactly what I want when I buy vintage baseball cards. The more I look at vintage cards the more I yearn for the day when companies only released a hand full of products that didn't have jersey swatches, sticker autographs and parallels that would make a crayola 64 count box blush.

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