Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Pink Votto to Add to the Rainbow

Late last year I was able to snag another Votto card for my 2013 Topps Votto rainbow project. This time it was the pink parallel to the base set numbered 43/50. I spent a little more than I wanted to for this card but considering that supply is limited, I wasn't sure when I would see this card again so I pulled the trigger. Out of more than 40+ cards that make up the rainbow (Topps base, mini, and chrome) I know I'll never have them all but it's my hope to at least grab 36 different cards. So far I have 22 different Votto cards and it's getting more difficult to find others that I need.


  1. I keep telling myself that one day I'll pick a player and go for the rainbow. I'm pretty sure it would drive me insane though....

    1. It's starting to drive me crazy. I'm only about halfway there (still have a ton of chrome cards to chase) and they've essentially dried up. It does feel rewarding when you're able to add another card, but the search is agonizing :)

    2. I applaud you for chasing a big name like Votto. He stuff sells pretty high. If I was going to chase a Pirate I would probably go after someone like Neil Walker.

    3. His cards have actually come down in price recently due to his recent problems at the plate and landing on the DL for a good portion of last season. I'm just frustrated that I missed out on a few refractors that were listed on ebay a few months back (a pink and a camo) that I really needed. If I had learned about ebay's watch notifications earlier I might have been able to grab those as well. I think you would have great success chasing a Walker rainbow. I always see a lot of his parallels listed on ebay, comc, and sportlots for reasonable prices.