Monday, January 12, 2015

Spring Can't Come Fast Enough!

Another day and another 4 inches of snow here in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. To say that I'm sick of winter would be an understatement. While it's discouraging to look outside my window and see piles of the great white death and know that tomorrow night the low will be -6, I can take comfort in knowing that pitchers and catchers report next month. It's then that I think about the sun on my face, the bright blue sky and the return of baseball from it's long winter break. Sort of like this 1991 Upper Deck Edgar Diaz card, a new entry into my Album of Amazing. Just look at those clouds reflecting off those sunglasses. Spring can't get here fast enough.


  1. Until this past week my area (morgantown wv) was having a mild winter. How the tides have turned. It has been miserable here. Cold, snowy and icy. A few years a go my wife and I would have just hopped on a plane somewhere warm, but with a kid....not so much.

    1. Hang in there Matt, spring is right around the corner. At least that's what I keep telling myself :)