Friday, June 19, 2015

A Glutton for Punishment

I admire our blogging community and the projects they set out to accomplish. Whether it's building a pre-war card set, chasing down every 1/1 that's ever been produced of a player, to owning relic cards of Hall of Fame members, we do it all. One of the projects that's fascinated me was collectors chasing multiple cards of the same issue. Gavin over at Baseball Card Breakdown has been acquiring 1990 Marquis Grissom rookie cards in an attempt to possess 1000 of the same card. While some may call it hoarding, I see it as dedication and I've decided to join their ranks. I've decided to try and obtain 800 2014 Bowman Billy Hamilton #132 rookie cards. 800 is a nice round number that I know will fit in a 3" binder. I've created a new page on the blog to track my progress on this quest. So if you have any 2014 Bowman Billy Hamilton's sitting around, feel free to send them my way :)

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