Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Odds and Ends

I haven't had much time to blog lately, but I have had an opportunity to purchase additional cards for my album of amazing project. I had thought about posting the cards separately, but with limited time I just decided to show them here in one post.

1981 Topps Al Hrabosky
With a stache like that, it's worthy of a spot in the album.

1989 Upper Deck Nolan Ryan
Not much of a football fan, but I'm a huge fan of the Ryan express. Besides, I think it's the earliest example of a player tossing a football on a baseball card.

1990 Upper Deck Bill Buckner
I always think back to the 1986 World Series when I see this card. I was cheering for the Mets that year and had a bet with my brother who was rooting for Boston.

1994 Collectors Choice Greg Olson
Sure, ATVs are a part of America's national pastime. 

1994 Topps Devon White
I always like receiving cards in the mail and I'm positive Devon White does as well.

1994 Upper Deck Kent Hrbek
Hello, Domino's Pizza? I'd like to place an order. Delivery please!

1995 Collectors Choice Chuck Carr
Is it me or is Mr. Carr enjoying Mark Grace touching his butt?

1995 Pinnacle Jose Rijo
What fans at the ballpark didn't know was that Jose was spraying opposing team fans with skunk spray!

1996 Pinnacle Bob Hamelin
What's my name? (Snoop version - not Rihanna)

1996 Stadium Club Jim Bullinger
Always wanted to just chill and see a game at Wrigley.

1997 Collectors Choice Alex Ochoa
One of the most difficult things in sports, balancing while holding a tiny blue ball.

1997 Upper Deck Jason Isringhausen
It's always cool to see ballplayers taking pictures. It's even more cool to have a player with the last name of Isringhausen as part of your collection!

1998 Upper Deck Andy Ashby
I bet he caught a BIG one!

1997 Fleer Tradition Scott Spiezio
I've always been fascinated with individuals who can juggle. It's nice to see it captures on a baseball card.

 With the progress I'm making, I should have this project wrapped up by the end of the year!


  1. All fantastically strange cards. That Buckner is a cruel move on UD's part, but I love them for it.

    1. I agree Nick. The sad part is that I had no idea that card existed until a year ago.

    2. Blogged about the Buckner card a few years ago.

      Have seen these cards many times. My favorite, by far, is the Devon White card. Not just goofing around there.

  2. Always wanted to create a binder of cheap, cool cards. If and when I decide to... this is an excellent place to start. Awesome post!

    1. Thanks Fuji. It's been one of my favorite projects. I got the idea from reading Nick's blog and seeing all the great cards he was posting about.