Friday, July 17, 2015


I've never been a pin collector. I never understood the appeal of sporting a hat with a bunch of pins covering it or, worse yet, wearing pins on my shirt. However, a few weeks back I came across a collector that collected pins and had them displayed nicely in a shadowbox on a wall. The pins were arranged nicely in rows and were not just clustered together in some hodge podge fashion. So that got me thinking about picking up some pins for my collection. I wouldn't go crazy in trying to obtain as many pins as possible, but rather keep it simple and only collect commemorative pins about the Reds and their ballparks. With the All-Star game this past week in Cincinnati, I knew I had to gave one of those pins, as well as a pin from the 1988 All-Star game at Riverfront. While looking on eBay for other pins to purchase I came across a set of pins given out at Riverfront in 1993. The set consists of seven pins detailing MLB 1st that the Reds were a part of (1st team in baseball, 1st night game, 1st televised game, 1st ladies night, 1st team to fly, 1st National League team to go wire to wire). The 7th pin in the series is a 125 year anniversary of the founding of the ball club. There are a few more pins that I'm on the hunt for including any World Series pins (1919, 1940, 1975, 1976 and 1990) as well as the first interleague game (watching one on eBay right now that I'll probably purchase in a few weeks). I'm even toying around with the idea of getting press pins from the All-Star games and World Series. Unfortunately those sell for $100+ and I can buy a lot of vintage cards for the price of one of those pins. Anyway, I think they'll look great when I get them displayed in the man cave.

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