Friday, January 22, 2016

1963 Cincinnati Reds Scorecard

This past week I purchased one final scorecard for my collection, a 1963 scorecard depicting a match up between the Reds and Cardinals. I'm not sure what specific game this is from, but I have it narrowed down to a series that occurred July 30th to August 1st of that year. The scorecard is in excellent shape for being more than 50 years old. My favorite is always the old advertisements that are in these scorecards. My primary purpose for picking up this particular scorecard was that it's from Pete Rose's rookie season with the Reds. It's icing on the cake that it included Hall of Famers Frank Robinson and Stan Musial! I'm definitely happy to have this in my collection!


  1. That's a nice find! Old Reds memorabilia like this, especially from the 60s, is really great. It's in really good condition too!

    1. Thanks Adam. There is one piece of memorabilia from the 60s that I would still like to add to my collection...a seat from Crosley Field, but I know that won't be purchasing one anytime soon.

  2. I love old scorecards, especially if the original owner actually scored the game.