Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Half Full or Half Empty?

Today I was able to purchase 63 more 1971 Topps cards which officially put me at the halfway mark of completing the 1971 set. Granted I still have a ways to go, especially since a lot of the cards I'm missing are either high number, hall of famers, or rookie cards. It doesn't help that I'm being very picky on what cards I add to this set since I'm trying to make sure the cards are in excellent condition (or better). I would like to hit the 500 mark by the end of this year, but since I've been neglecting my 1940s and 50s Bowman Reds sets I may have to shelve that until I complete some of my vintage Reds team sets. Regardless, I can celebrate today that I've reached the midpoint of this set. The question remains however, does this mean my glass is half full or half empty in regards to chasing this set?


  1. Let's go with half full, congrats on hitting the half way point. I am also working on this set but am not being too picky on condition. I am down to needing 145 cards but still need some biggies like Ryan, Mays and Clemente along with quite a few high numbers. If I run across any EX or better duplicates, I will let you know.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I'm not looking forward to shelling out the money for those three cards but the Ryan and Clemente cards are so amazing to look at that perhaps it won't be so bad once they're in my possession :)

  2. I'm with arpsmith... half full. This is definitely something to smile about. Congratulations on reaching the half way mark.