Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1951 Bowman

I've noticed the past few days that more and more collectors out there are starting to bust into 2014 Topps. Although I will eventually pick up my Reds cards to add to my collection later in the year, for now I'm focusing on vintage. This past week I was able to snag a 1953 Topps Kluszewski and my first 1951 Bowman cards. Between the two that I snagged, this Connie Ryan is my favorite. I've always had a soft spot in my heart for cards that use artwork to depict players instead of photography. It just screams "Old Fashioned"! To me, this card is the embodiment of what made baseball cards great in the 50s: renaissance artwork - check, long demolished old grandstand in the background - check, standard player pose in wool uniform with stirrups showing - check, greenest grass ever seen by the eyes of man - check. The only complaint that I have with this set is the use of the big black box with the player name on the front of the cards. I would have preferred that Bowman either use a facsimile autograph or just remove the name from the front altogether. Anyway, I'm excited to add some vintage to my collection and can't wait to grab more in the coming weeks.


  1. I agree. Particularly love the backgrounds.

  2. Then51,52 and 53 color Bowmans are really nice. You get your wish on the 52 Bowmans . No little black box with the name