Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Grass is Always Greener....

When you have a Jim Greengrass Wilson Ball Hawk Signature Series glove! I picked this up last week on ebay for a decent price and I've very happy to add this to the man cave. I picked up a Wilson Smoky Burgess catcher's mitt a few months back and now I'm down to just one more glove I would like to add to my collection. I've always been a fan of old ball gloves for many reasons. The styles are very desirable to me because of their simplicity and they age very nicely. Just like baseball cards, each time I look at a vintage glove I wonder about it's previous owner(s) and everything it's been through. The countless sandlot games that it was a part of or perhaps it accompanied it's owner to games at a historic stadium, such as Crosley or Shibe or Ebbets, that no longer stands. Regardless, these gloves are over 50 years old and are great vintage pieces that I'm thrilled to have, and I'd love to hear the stories they could tell.

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