Monday, June 9, 2014


The late 80s and early 90s were the time I remember spending so much time enamored with the hobby, busting old school wax packs, flipping through Becketts and Tuff Stuffs to see what products were about to come out and what my cards were worth, and of course trading and selling cards with the guys at school. The latest two additions into the Album of Amazing are two cards I had always wanted to get during that time, but was never able to since I couldn't pull them from a pack or I didn't want to ante up and pay the card shop owners the ridiculous prices they were asking at the time. I was a huge Chicago Bulls fan during that period and when I saw that Upper Deck had released a short print of Michael Jordan in their 1991 baseball product I made it a point to one day own that card. As for the 1990 Score Bo Jackson, I had first seen that card in a glass display case at my local card shop for $10 at that time. I had always been enamored by the fact that Bo played both football and baseball (and according to the "Bo Knows" commercial at that time everything else). Patience has paid off and after more than 20 years later, I was able to get both of those cards free from COMC through their card challenges.


  1. Great pair of cards! They're both a couple of my favorites from the early '90s era.

  2. Thanks Nick. They really are a couple of nice cards.