Thursday, March 5, 2015

Classic Concentration

I've always wondered just how much concentration it takes for a ballplayer to have. Sure it's tough standing at the plate staring down a pitcher that can throw some gas while an untold number of rowdy fans makes it difficult to hit a ball. I can only imagine what it's like chasing down a fly ball at the warning track, leaping up towards the stands trying to rob someone of a home run. That's why when I saw this card I knew I had to add this card to my album of amazing. This 2013 Topps Ryan Raburn is great on so many levels. The sheer amount of concentration on Raburn's face as he tries to prevent some lucky Pirate's fan from taking home a souvenir is priceless. I'm just waiting for the Pirate fan in the yellow t shirt to slop his beer on Ryan in hopes of making a spectacular catch. Or maybe he thinks he doesn't have to waste his beer as the man dressed in the nasty green patterned shirt is about to whack poor Ryan in the back of the head. Finally, what's the deal with the lady in the back left of the picture with the grin on her face. Not sure what she's so amused about. I know if it were me I'd be scrambling to try and catch that ball. I guess I can't blame her since the Tiger fan right next to her is just standing there dumbfounded.

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