Monday, September 19, 2011

1963 Topps

I finally finished my 1963 Topps Reds team set this past weekend. This was not an easy set to put together, but I'm happy to finally knock that off my wantlist. While most would think the Pete Rose rookie would be the most difficult card to get...not me. It was this one! Who would have thought that a Wally Post card could cause so much problems. For me it was about finding one is great condition since my mentality when collecting these older cards is to find a card I'll be happy with and not one that I'm just content having. That basically means an ex card or better, and while it does get pricey, it's well worth it for me. So now I have the complete run of Topps Reds team sets from 1963 to present. Next up... 1962 and 1961!

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