Thursday, September 15, 2011

Everyone has a favorite

Everyone has a favorite baseball card. Could be because it's worth so much or maybe because it's not worth anything at all. Maybe it's how the card was obtained, either from saving for a long time or a fantastic trade with one of our friends. For me, my favorite baseball card is the 1986 Topps Pete Rose #1. Growing up near Cincinnati I had just started getting into baseball and following the Reds in 1986 and it was the year I received my first pack of baseball cards from my mom. She picked them up on the way home from some hole in the wall mom and pop convenient store for 35 cents. That's right 35 cents! When I opened that pack about halfway through the pack I was greeted by Pete. Sure, the cards only worth about a buck today, but the memories that card brings back every time I look at it makes this card priceless to me. So...what's your favorite card?

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