Thursday, September 8, 2011

1988 Topps

So with the 10 year anniversary of September 11th coming up, I wanted to share another anniversary that took place on September 11th, but in 1985. It was on that day that Pete Rose passed Ty Cobb to become the all time hit king at 4,192...but Pete would ultimately amass a total of 4,256 hits at the end of his career. 1988 saw the next to last of Rose's regular issued cards and though the design doesn't scream impressive, it is simple and not too overbearing. Reminds me of the 1967 Topps set with smaller letters on the front. What I do like about this set is the backs of the cards. They were produced in an orange color and had little baseballs in the background of the header where the player's name was listed. Very cool! This also had the rookie card of Chris Sabo, who would go to win the National League Rookie of the Year award. Can never go wrong with Spuds.

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  1. I think the '88 Topps set has aged very well. As far as 20+ year old Pete Rose Topps cards priced at under a buck go, that one's pretty high up there.