Monday, September 12, 2011

2004 Topps

I don't know why I like this set, I just do. Maybe it's because the cards have a nice clean white border. Or perhaps it's that the photography is nice and the lettering doesn't overpower the card. Actually, I think the real reason is because of the little mirror image of the player at the bottom of the card. Seriously?! What were they thinking when the put that down there? Was someone in the art department playing hangman and noticed a blank area on the card and said "Hey, I've got a great idea!" If Topps would have just left that off the card I think it would have been a perfect design, but no such luck. Too bad, so sad :( Anyway, this is my most favorite Red's card in this set. I love how Griffey's making that leaping catch. Reminds me of the prime years of his life when it seemed like he was always on the highlight reel of Sportscenter every night. Those were the days.

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