Friday, January 25, 2019

A Bittersweet Milestone

Today I was finally able to complete (once again) my 2011 Topps Gypsy Queen set. The last card I needed was this Ty Cobb card. I thought I had ordered the card from my latest batch from sportlots, but unfortunately I somehow missed it. This was the last set I had started prior to my Dad passing away in January of 2012. I had finished it towards the tail end of 2011 but for some stupid reason I sold the thing in the summer of 2012. While this set has always been my favorite retro set that Topps released, it's always reminded me of the last year I spent with my Dad. I decided when I started collecting the set again in 2017 that I would do something I hadn't done before...track exactly how much I've spent on acquiring the set. I didn't attempt to complete the autograph and relic sets my first go around but I decided to pursue them this time because I like the look of the cards and all the autographs are on card with the exception of the Ryan Howard that's a stickergraph. In addition to the main set, I've also been collecting the insert sets, the autographs, and the regular size relics. I've completed all the insert sets and I'm currently down to needing 11 autographs and 1 relic card (the Molina). It's really opened my eyes to just how much one set can cost and I will say that while it's been an expensive endeavor, I've enjoyed the chase. It's also made me realize that I need to reign in my spending on sports cards. I hope to eventually complete the set, even though I still need the Aaron and Koufax autographs, but from here on out I'll stick with wrapping up my late 40s to early 50s Bowman Reds team sets as well as my t206 Reds cards I still need. So, for those of you interested in the breakdown here's what I've spent.

Base Set with Short Prints: $136.42
Great Ones Insert Set: $15.18
Future Stars Insert Set: $4.02
Home Run Heroes Insert Set: $7.67
Stick Fingers Insert Set: $3.96
Wall Climbers Insert Set: $1.92
Autographs (so far): $423.26
Relics (so far): $90.66
Shipping (so far): $128.71

For a grand total of $811.80!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Reevaluating My Collection

I'll be honest...I'm to the point of burnout when it comes to my collection. So much so that I've decided to thin out my collection in a big way. I've spent the past week posting A LOT of stuff on eBay. I've sold my 2015 Topps All Star Stitch set as well as my 1990-91 Skybox set with prototypes. I've listed my complete Kahn's Cincinnati Reds team sets as well as my HOF rookie card project and my recently started Joey Votto rookie card project. One project that I started on the beginning of last year that I never got around to blogging about was the 2015 Topps Strata Shadowbox set. I was able to acquire half of the set but decided I'll probably never finish it so I've listed the cards separately. Not sure if I'll stop here or if I'll keep purging. I know that I plan on keeping my Topps Reds cards from 1952-present as well as my 1949-51 Bowman Reds cards and my t206 Reds cards. I just feel like my collection has gotten out of hand and I want to get back to actually enjoying collecting again instead of it feeling like a chore. If anyone's interested here's the link to the stuff I have listed