Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dusty Baker Bobblehead

This past week I was fortunate enough to add another bobblehead to my collection. While I haven't had much success with completing my 2013 card collecting goals, I've knocked off half of the remaining bobbleheads I need for my collection. This amazing bobblehead was given out to the first 30,000 fans on July 2, 2011 when the Reds fell to the Indians. This is probably one of my most favorite bobbleheads I have in my collection for three reasons: a bobblehead of a manager, he's wearing the gray uniform (which is by far my favorite), and it comes with toothpicks! Very sweet!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

TTM: Gary Nolan

Did you know that Gary Nolan was third in voting for Rookie of the Year Award in 1967? He lost out to some guy names Seaver.

Friday, April 19, 2013

It took me a while but...

I finally finished my 2005 Studio set. I started on this set back in 2011 and I had every intention of finishing up this set last year, but I became sidetracked with acquiring some bobbleheads I needed for my collection. I've always thought the Studio sets were some of the best sets that Donruss released in terms of design and photography. Granted, the set doesn't scream out ACTION with its laid back imagery of ballplayers but that's what makes it so appealing. The one gripe I have with this set is that I wish Donruss had stayed true to it's original 1991 release and had the card backs consists of personal information about the ballplayers instead of laden with stats. I think it's fascinating to know what someone's favorite movie is, who their hero is, and what their favorite food might be. Does that stuff deal with baseball? No, but it does give us a glimpse into the player beyond the numbers they post from season to season. Baseball is more than numbers. It's about the guys we love to cheer for each and every night as they take the diamond to play a game they love.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

TTM: Austin Kearns

Did you know that Austin Kearns was named to the 2002 Topps All-Star Rookie team? Kearns spent the first four years of his career in Cincinnati. He's currently a member of the Miami Marlins.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reversing Course

I've had a complete set of 1989 Upper Deck in my possession for longer than I can remember, but it's always seemed incomplete. The reason...I've always wanted the reverse negative Dale Murphy card that was immensely popular when the cards first hit the streets in 1989. I'm not a Dale Murphy collector, nor am I a Braves collector, but I always thought that the reverse negative of card number 357 was cool. Not bad ass cool as the 1989 Fleer Billy Ripken (which I also hope to add to my collection someday), but cool as in Superman-Bizarro cool. This past week I finally pulled the trigger for this card and I was happy I could grab it for the price of a blaster on eBay since people were asking $40 on comc and it was nowhere to be found on sportlots. $40 is waaaaaaay too rich for my blood, but to grab it for half of that is a bargain to me. So now, I no longer have the feeling that my 1989 Upper Deck set is incomplete and I can sleep much better at night.

Friday, April 12, 2013

TTM: Wayne Granger

Did you know that Wayne Granger was part of the trade that sent Vada Pinson to the Cardinals in 1969? Did you also know that Granger is the only player in World Series history to surrender a grand slam to an opposing pitcher, that being to Dave McNally in the 1970 World Series.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

TTM: Bruce Berenyi

Did you know that Bruce Berenyi is the nephew of Ned Garver? Did you also know that Bruce finished fourth in voting for Rookie of the Year in 1981?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TTM: Alex Grammas

Did you know that not only was Alex Grammas a player with Cincinnati during the 1950s, he was also a coach for the Reds during their 1975 championship year.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another Smokin Card for my Collection!

It's been almost two weeks since my last post. Sorry for the delay, but I was with my family taking a much needed spring break in the Outer Banks. First time visiting and it'll probably be the last since I wasn't too impressed. But hey, at least I traveled to a place I had never been before. When I returned this nice little addition to my card collection was awaiting me in my mailbox. This is the third tobacco card I now have in my possession...and by far my favorite. It would be an understatement to say that Larry McLean lived life through a bottle. His career ended when he was involved in a brawl with Giants manager John McGraw and coach Dick Kinsella in 1915. McLean died on March 14, 1921 when he was shot by a bartender in Boston during a barroom brawl.