Wednesday, February 19, 2020

It's been 2 years!

That's right, it's been 2 years since I've been able to add a card to my 2013 Topps Joey Votto Rainbow project. Talk about a dry spell. This card appeared on eBay last week with an option of Buy it Now or Best Offer. Needless to say, I decided to pay full price for this card since this was only the second time since 2013 that I had seen a copy. The card arrived yesterday in the mail and I've already added the card to the binder. This marks my 36th card for this project. My goal is to track down four more cards for this project: 2013 Topps Factory Orange numbered to 230, 2013 Topps Silver Slate Framed numbered to 10, 2013 Topps Opening Day Toys R Us Purple, and a 2013 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor numbered to 5. At the rate I'm going now, I should have this wrapped up in 2030.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

2020 Topps Reds Base Set is On the Way

I ordered my Series 1 Topps 2020 Cincinnati Reds Team Set today on eBay. Today's also the first day that I saw the design for this year's flagship brand from Topps. I'm not too thrilled with the look of this year's design. For whatever reason, I just get the feeling that Topps is slowly blending the look of it's flagship brand with Bowman. I can't stand it. You could once tell what cards belonged to what, not so much. In addition to that, Topps also decided to include short prints once again in this year's release. Some are ok, but this is the second consecutive year that they've included a super short print (that being the Aquino closeup). It's bad enough that the Aquino short prints are selling in the $40 price range on eBay and I've yet to see a super short print appear on the site. I'm sure those will be going well north of $100. Maybe in a few weeks the prices will drop as everyone's rushing to buy their cards now, but I doubt those Aquinos will fall simply because of what he did at the end of last season and the fact that his card has that little RC logo on it.

Monday, February 3, 2020

The Only Football Set I'll Own

Over the weekend I decided to purchase a complete 500 card set of 1991 Topps Stadium Club Football. I remember my mom getting a wax box (if you want to call it that even though the packs were plastic) of this for me Christmas 1991. It was fantastic tearing into it, looking at the full bleed photos and flipping each card over to look at the player's rookie card photo on the back. I loved everything about the Stadium Club brand in their inaugural debut. I've now acquired the baseball, football and hockey sets from that year. I'm on the fence as to whether or not I should track down the Charter Member and Member Only sets as well as the Stadium Club dome set. They're not "must haves" for me but I think it would be neat to have the full run from 1991 since I did want those cards 29 years ago. What about you guys? Are there still cards your on the fence about collecting that you wanted when you were younger?