Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Where Things Stand

 It's been a few months since I've posted to the blog. I haven't stopped collecting but I haven't been too involved in the hobby either. I was able to get the last three cards I needed for my 2018 Topps Olympic podium variation set so I guess that's a win. That being said, the majority of my funds have been going towards a new endeavor. I've been bitten by the vinyl bug and have been acquiring used records from a record shop that's opened up here in my neck of the woods. I've found it hard to say no to a copy of Pink Floyd's Animals for $6 or The Beatles White Album for $10. It's very relaxing for me to sit down in my basement and put on a record while drinking a beer and just listening to music. 

So, where does that leave the blog? I'll probably try to finish up my 1951 Bowman Reds team set this year and acquire about a dozen more Reds autographs for my binder but that's about it. I will probably wrap everything up by the end of this year at which time I'll retire the blog. I'll keep purchasing the Reds sets as long as Topps keeps releasing their flagship line, but it's not enough really to post once a year. I've collected almost everything I've ever wanted in the hobby and I'm content with what I have. After all, for me there needs to come a time where I say "My collection is complete" and I'm almost to that point.