Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Jumping the Shark

Since 2010 I've been collecting short prints and on the rare occasion the dreaded super short prints as part of my yearly Topps Reds team sets. With the exception of about 3 or 4 cards, I've been able to diligently acquire those photo variations or veteran cards to my collection without any issues. This year, however, is a different story. When I read that Topps (Fanatics) decided to release a super short print of every base card that's included in this year's set I knew that this was too much. Take the above Joey Votto card. I've seen that card listed for about $140 on eBay. Lesser Reds I've seen for $40 or more. Just to track down those gold photo ssp cards and add them to my collection would cost me at least $500 or more. No thanks Topps. You've officially entered the realm of Arthur Fonzarelli on waterskis jumping over aquatic predators. I've acquired the Reds base cards I need from this year's flagship release thus far and I'm content. Who knows, 2022 might have been the last year that I was chasing short prints. If that's the case then I can finally put those short print funds to chasing down the last of the vintage Reds cards I'm pursuing for my collection.

Friday, February 17, 2023

Jonathan India Autograph

Earlier this week I was able to pick up this certified autograph 2021 Bownan's Best of the Reds National League Rookie of the Year recipient for less than $15. Certainly a nice addition to my autograph Reds binder.