Monday, June 27, 2011

1959 Topps

Not really one of my favorite sets of the 50s, but who am I to criticize? I just feel like there was a lot of wasted space on the card with the large circle containing the photo of the player. Kinda reminds me of the intro to the James Bond movies really. The only thing I like about this card is Mr. Redleg marching across the bottom. But is what it is. At least Topps redeemed themselves the following year with the 1960 set.


  1. Is that your '59 Robinson? Other than being off-center, it looks really crisp. I like it!

    I added you to my blogroll, and gave you a shout out on my last post. I know things are kinda difficult in blogland when you're first getting started, thought I'd give you a little help.

    Good luck with the blog!

  2. Thanks buckeye! Yes that's my 1959 Robinson card. Wish it were a little more centered, but can't complain especially with trying to find decent vintage cards. Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! I greatly appreciate it!