Thursday, July 11, 2013

Another Cincinnati Reds Man Cave

It's amazing what you can find when your browsing around online. Yesterday I decided to take a look on ebay for some game used Cincinnati Reds memorabilia and I came across a listing from cincykid-dan61 for a Ramon Hernandez autograph jersey and noticed some of the additional pictures he had posted. I can only assume that the photos are of a room in his house that he has dedicated strictly for displaying his Reds goodies. Very impressive if I do say so myself, especially the giant Mr. Redlegs statue. While I am working on completing my very own Cincinnati Reds Man Cave, I don't think that I'll pack it to the gills because, in my opinion, that's sensory overload. I don't think I could sit back, relax and watch a Reds game surrounded by that much stuff. Then again, I guess it all comes down to showing off your collection and your love for the team.


  1. Wow... looks more like a museum, than a mancave. Very cool.