Monday, May 2, 2016

Adding to the Hoard!

This past weekend I was able to add more than 50 2014 Bowman Billy Hamilton rookie cards to my collection (66 to be exact). I had been watching the listing on eBay for a couple of months but the $30 price tag was a bit too much to for me to pull the trigger. Last monday I noticed that the listing had ended and I immediately jumped to the conclusion that another Billy collector had purchased the lot, but that wasn't the case. Instead, the seller had decided to list the item as an auction, probably because he needed to move the cards instead of having them take up space. With a $4.99 starting bid I decided I wouldn't go above $15.00 for the lot. I'm glad to say that for $11.05 I was able to purchase the 68 count lot. That comes out to just over $.16 a card. I guess patience does pay off. I'm now at 30% complete with this goal. With Dee Gordon out for 80 games this year, I'm hoping that Billy can finally finish the season as the NL Stolen Base leader for 2016. While his bat is sorely lacking, his defense in center field this year has been phenomenal!.

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