Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Adding Silk to the Rainbow

Wow, it's almost been two months since I've posted to the blog. Just wanted to share with everyone the latest addition to my 2013 Topps Joey Votto Rainbow project. This silk card appeared a few months ago on Check Out My Cards and I knew I had to add it to the collection. Numbered 9/50 this is the first (and will probably be the last) silk card to enter my collection. I'm now up to 34 different Votto cards in this project. I'm still on the hunt for 6 more cards to wrap up this project. In case you're interested they're: 2013 Topps Factory Orange numbered to 230, 2013 Topps Wrapper Redemption Silver Slate numbered to 10, 2013 Topps Printing Plate numbered to 1, 2013 Topps Opening Day Toy's R Us Purple parallel, 2013 Topps Chrome Camo Refractor numbered to 15 and 2013 Topps Chrome Pink Refractor numbered to 5.


  1. Cool card! Now that you're getting so close to completion, have you started thinking about the next rainbow yet? ;)

    1. No, I'll probably just stop with this rainbow. I had thought about chasing after a 2011 Topps Aroldis Chapman rainbow, but it's just taken a long time to complete and I'm not sure I would have the patience to track down all the cards I would need for that project.

  2. Nice COMC pickup. Always liked the Topps silk parallels.