Monday, April 22, 2024

A Perfect Addition To My Collection!

It's been a while since I've posted to the blog. Things here have been crazy with moving back to the Cincinnati area after being in Northern Ohio for more than 20 years. It's nice to be close to family again. I'm also hoping that I can make it to a game or two at Great American Ballpark this year. Anyway, I've been looking for some time to add a ticket stub from the only perfect game thrown by a Reds player. Tom Browning accomplished the feat on September 16, 1988 against the Dodgers in a 1-0 victory for the Reds. Most of the tickets I've seen come up on eBay have been for unused tickets selling in the range of $150 or more. While it would have been nice to have one, I couldn't justify the cost. This ticket was listed last week and I was happy that I was the only bidder for this ticket AND I picked it up for a fraction of the cost of others I had seen. I'm looking forward to having this arrive shortly in the mail. Now if I can only complete one of my vintage Reds team sets before the end of the year. 


Fuji said...

One of my buddies was really into collecting tickets and he said that they've really gone up in value for unique events like perfect games or milestone games like 3,000 hits. I guess autograph guys get them signed and slabbed... which is kind of a cool idea. Unfortunately... it drives up prices.

Congratulations on adding one for a reasonable price. Very cool addition to your Reds PC.

Reds Card Collector said...

Thanks Fuji! I too have noticed that tickets have skyrocketed in price over the years. Not sure if it's due to the fact that it's history and most organizations no longer use paper tickets or what. As for signed tickets, I prefer to not have the ticket autographed.

Jason T. Carter said...

My next-door neighbor went to the game, but left early due to the weather. He gave me the ticket stub the next day. Fast-forward a few decades, and I got it autographed by Browning at a Redsfest. Hands-down one of my favorite autographs (not *the* favorite, but it's easily top 5).

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