Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm up to 10

Ten followers that is! Sure, it's not a lot....but it's a start. Thanks you to all who are following my blog. On another note, I signed up for Yahoo Sport's Fantasy Baseball today. Here's hoping to a great season. Baseball is just around the corner!


  1. Put up a "Followers box" on the right side of your blog so people can easily follow I have no clue where I can follow you (of course this could also be my inability to understand blogger so at least it would help me follow you, haha)

    1. Sure thing Dutch! I've just added the follower gadget that blogger offers :) Thanks for the advice!

  2. And to add to what Dutch said, get a Google+ acount because Google friend Connect is going to be retired.

  3. I'll follow you! I collect cards, well, I buy cards, collect Reds and sell the rest to fund more Reds cards. So your site is singing my song. Like everyone else is saying, play around with your blogger layout and start having fun. Don't try to grow too fast, make good, solid posts and they will come.

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