Friday, February 24, 2012

Ryan Braun Suspension Overturned...WTF?!

So as most of you know, or at least should know by now if you're a true baseball fan, the reigning National League MVP's fifty game suspension was overturned. It's not that I don't like Mr. fact I have no opinion of him whatsoever. Being a Red's fan I know I should despise this Brewer, but I don't. What I do despise is the technicality for which the suspension was overturned. As far as I'm concerned, Shyam Das has done a great disservice to MLB players who strive to do their best legally without the use of performance enhancing supplements. I'll be completely honest, if the shoe was on the other foot and Joey Votto or Brandon Phillips or any other Reds player had tested positive, then I would have the same opinion as I do regarding Braun.....suspend them. They don't put up with this crap in the Olympics (sure it's a poor choice for comparison) but baseball is still trying to wipe the tarnish off from the steroid era. While random drug testing helped to add accountability to the players, this ruling completely flies in the face of what needs to be done in baseball.


  1. Baseball does not need technicalities right now. His statement was odd to hear in that he sounded like he won an Oscar when all it really did was introduce a ton of questions and he seemed to forget it made him look even more guilty by fthe fact he didn't say what it was that caused a 2000% spike in testostewrone. The synthetic was found by a lab. But the fact an errand boy goofed it allowed the lawyer to use it. That was why he never said anything during the winter. They were waiting for a glitch to appear. Now he does need to address the fans about what the real reason for the spike was.
    Baseball wanted an arbiter but they don't want one anymore.

  2. I agree he shoulded been suspended and did braun not understand fedex stopped shippin that day quit blaming the collector other collectors havent sent it same day and other suspenstions were upheld so quit askin questions and just answer some